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What’s Next for the Stars of Game of Thrones?

On April 14, HBO will begin airing the final season of Game of Thrones,bringing together its many disparate story lines, characters, and dragons from all corners of Westeros, Essos, and beyond. We’re wholly in off-book territory now, so fans have major questions that can’t just be easily answered (or spoiled) by a quick trip to Reddit. Will Benioff and Weiss stick the (king’s) landing and give fans a finale worthy of the epic series? Who, if anyone, will win the Iron Throne? Who will make it out alive?

We don’t have greensight, so we can’t answer those questions yet, but what we can tell you about the future of Game of Thrones is what the members of the show’s prodigiously large cast will be up to next. Here’s what we know so far.

Conleth Hill (Varys): The Spider has little birds everywhere: Hill will appear in Dublin teen film Here Are the Young Men and the Keira Knightley whistle-blower film Official Secrets, as well as in Dublin Murders, Starz’s upcoming adaptation of Tana French’s series of crime novels.

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