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Irish films to watch out for in 2019

2018 was another bumper year for Irish films, with 40 being released in cinema and more playing festival home and abroad. 2019 looks set to continue the hot-streak as a cop of new filmmakers join existing talents and share their visions of Ireland and Irish stories with the world.

We have rounded up a collection of the films expected to hit Irish cinemas and festivals before the end of the year. Some of these have already played international and Irish film festivals, while more are awaiting their premiere in 2019.

Here Are the Young Men Here Are the Young Men is directed by Eoin Macken, from a screenplay by Macken and Rob Doyle. It is based upon the novel of the same name by Doyle. Set in the summer of 2003, it sees aimless teenager Matthew yearn after his childhood sweetheart, Jen, an independent girl on her own trajectory. Matthew is soon pulled into a world of nihilistic, toxic masculinity by a charismatic friend, while another precocious friend starts to succumb to paranoia. The film stars Dean-Charles Chapman, Finn Cole, Anya Taylor-Joy, and Ferdia Walsh-Peelo. Here Are the Young Men is produced by Richard Bolger (Cardboard Gangsters) for Irish production company TYM Productions and Noah Haeussner for Union Entertainment Group, with support from Screen Ireland.

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