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New 'Jack Taylor' Movies Filming in Galway, Monaghan, Regan & Drea Join Cast

The latest ‘Jack Taylor’ movies are currently shooting in Galway. It has also been announced that there are three new editions to the cast for the upcoming movies 'The Dramatist' and 'Priest'.

Iain Glen (Game of Thrones, Downton Abbey), Nora Jane Noone (The Runaway, Small Change) and Killian Scott (Love/Hate, Single Handed) will all reprise their roles. Joining the cast of 'Jack Taylor' are Aaron Monaghan (The Other Side Of Sleep, Single-Handed), actress Emma Eliza Regan (Love Eternal, The Shadows), Gavin Drea (Love Hate series 2, What Richard Did)

The first of the movies is 'Jack Taylor: The Sorrows' based on the novel 'The Dramatist'. The film catches up with Jack Taylor who, against all odds, is clean and sober. But in his Galway, grief is never far away. While his mother lies dying in a decrepit retirement home, a jailed drug-dealer summons Jack. He doesn’t believe the death of his sweet younger sister was an accident. A second murdered girl is found and Jack receives teasing messages from a Killer obsessed with the Synge play, ‘Deirdre of the Sorrows’.

The second film 'Priest', based on the book of the same name, begins with the discovery of the dead body of an old priest, Father Joyce, who has been beheaded. Taylor finds out that he had abused two boys in the community many years ago and begins digging into the murky past.

Both will be directed by Stuart Orme, 'The Sorrows' was written Marcus Fleming and 'The Priest' was written by Marteinn Thorisson. Director of Photography is DJ Dillion and the film is being shoot on RED. It is being produced by Edwina Forkin of Magma Productions and Stuart Orme. Executive Producers are Clodagh Freeman and Ralph Christians. Line producer is Des Martin, with Derek Wallace on Production Design. Costume Design is done by Aisling Byrne and Hair and Make-up by Carolin McCurdy. 'Jack Taylor' is currently filming in Galway and will also shoot scenes on location in in Germany. The low budget film, is expected to wrap in January next year, was funded by the ZDF, CONTENT, Section 481 and TV3. Post house is yet to be decided but editor for the movies is Mary Finlay. It is expected to broadcast on TV3 in the summer of next year.

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